The Hek MSHF mast climbing work platform from Alimak Hek offers safe and reliable solutions to vertical access needs. It is designed to be a solution for façade, towers and structures where anchoring is not an option. The Hek MSHF has the ability to free stand 66 feet outside or 99 feet inside the mobile chassis, which can be moved with the mast in position. For added versatility, the Hek MSHF is designed to be used for heights up to 660 feet in single or twin mast configuration with anchors at 50-foot intervals. The payload capacity is up to 8,800 pounds.

The Hek MSHF is adaptable to suit different needs and can be installed by two people. Hek mast climbers can be erected and dismantled in less time than required to erect a conventional scaffold, creating more time for production, according to national sales manager for Alimak Hek, Anthony Dragone.

“Driven by electric motors on a rack and pinion system, they are powered up or down the mast, ensuring the platform is always at the most efficient height,” he says. “This keeps workmen at their optimum work height, realizing dramatic productivity increases.”

The equipment requires limited maintenance because the masts are hot-dipped galvanized for increased durability. Because of its versatility, the platform range of the Hek MSHF can be adapted for different applications and structural dimensions.

Verified by Anthony Dragone, national sales manager, construction division, Alimak Hek.
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Payload capacity: Up to 8,800 pounds

Height: 660

Anchor distance: 50 feet