After a nine-month search during which time Able Equipment Rental considered other software providers, the Deer Park, N.Y.-based rental company re-partnered with Texada Software. Having been a Texada client for nine years, Able decided to check out other providers in the market.

Able formed a team represented by all of its departments, including rentals, sales, service, parts, financial office and IT, and drew up a list of features it wanted in a new system. The company then invited the best-known systems providers to give full presentations and drill-down sessions to examine details. After a six-month process, Able then turned back to Texada to see its Systematic Rental Management SaaS model. Able Equipment decided that Texada’s system met its requirements.

“We really did all the required homework on this project and everyone in the company in an administrative position was included in the process,” said Mike Cohan, Able vice president and sales manager. “No one’s opinion was left out and it really brought everyone close together.”