Stihl introduces the first professional concrete cutter of its kind, the company said, designed for plunge cuts, shaping square corners and cutting concrete pipes in trenches, cinder blocks, masonry bricks, asphalt and soft stone. The GS 461 Stihl Rock Boss is a lightweight, gasoline-powered concrete cutter specifically designed for deep cutting tasks. It offers a 13,500 max rpm and cuts up to a depth of 15.7 inches.

GS 461 Stihl Rock Boss concrete cutter“The engine delivers up to 20-percent more fuel efficiency than a standard 2-stroke engine, saving refueling time and money during construction and renovation projects,” says Dan Pherson, Stihl product manager.

The two, chain-tensioner mounting holes allow the user to effectively increase the length of the guide bar to compensate for chain stretch while the side-access chain tensioner allows for easy tightening, loosening or changing of the 36 gbm Stihl diamond abrasive saw chain.

The GS 461 Rock Boss also features a heavy-duty, two-stage HD2 air filtration system with a washable PET filter element and a fine-mesh auxiliary filter to help protect the engine on dirty jobsites.

Vital stats
Max rpm:13,500
Cut depth:up to 15.7 inches
Engine power:4.3 kW

Verified by Dan Pherson, Stihl product manager.

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