Designed for base preparation, compaction around footings and foundations, and backfilling of trenches, the Bomag BMP8500 multi-purpose compactor features center-point articulated steering for maneuverability in confined areas. It is controlled via a dual function radio/cable remote control for operation from outside the trench. Featuring the Bomag Operator Safety System (BOSS), the machine’s travel system automatically stops if the operator enters into close proximity of the machine.

Built with a narrow machine body, the BMP8500 can fit inside trenches as small as 24 inches wide. Segmented compactor drums come in standard 24- and 33.5-inch widths with 1-inch padfoot height for quick compaction of clays and cohesive soils. The operator can quickly switch between drum widths due to the bolt-on extension segment design.

The Bomag BMP8500 is powered by a fuel-efficient Tier 4 Kubota 19.4-horsepower water-cooled diesel engine. Offering Bomag's EcoMode, the compactor automatically reduces to idle within few seconds if the remote control is not activated.

With its 3,517-pound operating weight, the multi-purpose compactor generates 8,000 and 16,000 pounds of centrifugal force with its dual amplitudes to tailor compaction forces to lift thickness. Bomag’s optional Economizer compaction measuring system is integrated into the hood of the BMP8500, so it’s visible to the operator and well protected. Economizer automatically determines compaction progress to optimize material density, prevent over compaction and allow the operator to identify weak spots in the subsoil. Economizer eliminates unnecessary passes for what Bomag says is a time savings of up to 25%.

The BMP8500 compactor includes dual, wide-opening hoods for access to the engine and machine components to simplify servicing. The machine has no grease points, designed to shorten daily maintenance practices and increase machine longevity. It is covered by Bomag’s 3-2-1 Warranty, where the exciter gear, including vibration pump and motor, is covered for 3 years, the engine for 2 years and a full 1-year standard machine warranty.