Leif Gustafsson, CEO of Cramo, one of Europe’s largest rental companies, has been awarded Best CEO in Sustainable Rental Equipment Industry 2018 by the publication European CEO.

As a newly appointed CEO in 2016, Gustafsson initiated a complete review of Cramo’s strategy, integrating a sustainability perspective as a core ingredient. Being a key driver of the sharing economy was one of his visions for Cramo.

Coming from a situation where Cramo as a group relied fully on the many good local initiatives, group management took a decision in 2016 to harmonize its approach to sustainability towards clearly defined group level targets, making sustainability an integrated part of the business and taking a lead in developing innovative solutions.

In less than two years, Cramo has put in place a comprehensive sustainability framework, generating results already in 2017.

“Mr. Leif Gustafsson was clearly seen by us to have exemplified those special traits and qualities of only the most successful leaders, and therefore make decisions and as Mr. Gustaffson has shown time after time, the key ability to drive the process or idea forward to a successful conclusion,” said the panel in a statement.

“I am very happy to have won this award,” said Gustafsson. “While building on Cramo’s core business – the principle of increased resource efficiency through rental – the last few years’ development constitutes a significant step towards a professional, responsible B2B sharing economy. Our ambition is to be the sustainability leader in the rental business.”

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Cramo, based in Vantaa, Finland, has about 300 branches in 14 European countries.