BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. — Despite mandatory evacuations imposed throughout New Orleans and flood waters only beginning to recede, Lifting Gear Hire, which opened a distribution center in July, reported almost no damage to its building and inventory. The distribution center is located in the Jefferson Parish area of New Orleans, which faces an evacuation of at least a month.

“We've been in contact with all Lifting Gear Hire employees from the New Orleans distribution center and are relieved to report that they are all safe,” said Tony Fiscelli, general manager based in the company's U.S. headquarters in Bridgeview, Ill. “As a company we plan to repair the minimal damages that have been incurred at the new distribution center and move forward with business. We also plan to assist with the rebuilding of the city of New Orleans.”

Lifting Gear Hire has U.S. distribution facilities in Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Texas and Washington. Internationally the company, No. 95 on the RER 100, has locations in the United Kingdom, Holland and Germany.