Pump manufacturer Tsurumi will be offering a wide range of new products at the ARA Show in Booth 4313. New products will include the TM, HSE, SQ and UT series. Tsurumi will also show engine pumps – the EPT, TE and THP series, as well as the TD series of diaphragm pumps. Also, Tsurumi will show submersible pumps and the TPG series of generators.

“Tsurumi Pump is a well-respected global manufacturer of some of the most durable pumps you’ll find on the market today,” said Glenn Wieczorek, managing director of Tsurumi Pump in North America. “The company has been extremely successful within the rental market which is a true testament to the reliability of our pumps.”

Senior Tsurumi personnel will be on hand demonstrating products and discussing strategies for successful applications. Rental pumps operate in particularly harsh and fast-paced environments. These types of applications can lead to shortened lifespans for less durable pumps. However, the company says, Tsurumi’s engineering and design standards have proven to offer greater quality and resilience in the rental market.